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The Gift of Cancer - Teleclass

Six week teleclass using The Work of Byron Katie
with Certified Facilitators Brid Ni Chionaola and Joy Karim
On Cancer, Fear and Dying
Accessible through phone or Skype.
6 Thursdays starting January 15th.
7pm Irish time/11am Pacific time/20:00 CET.

Do you think your body is going to heal most efficiently when you’re tense and fearful and fighting cancer as an enemy? Or when you’re loving what is and realizing all the ways in which your life is actually better because you have cancer, and from that calm center doing everything you can to heal? There’s nothing more life-giving than inner peace.” ~ Byron Katie

Fear. Anxiety. Hopelessness. Depression. Anger. When cancer strikes you or a loved one, you may feel blindsided by life. The stress can be overwhelming and all consuming. The mind can spiral downwards into a hell of circular thinking. The future can seem bleak holding the promise of pain, suffering, nasty medications and treatments, debility, and ultimately death.

The Work of Byron Katie offers a way to dive deep and uncover your own truth about cancer. Inquire into your stressful beliefs with The Four Questions and Turnarounds of The Work and get to the root cause of your pain and suffering – what you’re thinking and believing about cancer. At the end of this class, you may find your life infused with a new peace and clarity and experience a new relationship to cancer and your body. You may also find renewed energy to make clearer choices about your health and treatments, and to greet whatever shows up next with open arms.

This class does not set out to cure cancer or improve health, rather to meet it with understanding. This class is for you if you or someone you know has experienced or currently has cancer, if you have a family history of cancer and fear that you’re next, or if you hear cancer stories and anxiously watch every mole or lump for evidence of cancer.

You are welcome to join this class whether new to or experienced in The Work. Please read or re-read Loving What Is by Byron Katie before our first class.

Week One: Judge Your Body
Week Two: Who’s to Blame?
Week Three: Doctors/Medications/Treatments
Week Four: Hell is Other People
Week Five: Pain: Friend or Foe?
Week Six: Death and Dying

There will be a minimum of one hour of partner work/homework assigned each week.

ITW Candidates earn 10 credits.

This telecourse can be taken privately, one-on-one, with Brid and Joy for $530 USD (€415). No ITW credits will be earned with this option.

To Register, please contact:
Bríd Ní Chionaola
00353 873569436
Joy Karim

Payment due upon registration.
Space limited to 12 participants.

Testimonials for Brid and Joy's teleclasses:
I attended this teleclass as a not native English speaker and I learned that doing The Work in English is not only possible but helpful for me. Brid and Joy were patient and calm with me and let me find my words and sentences at my own pace. In the beginning I hoped that I would find the thoughts that are lying under my addiction at of class. And by giving us many helpful questions every week I found a lot of thoughts and I started to see these thoughts and my addiction with an understanding grace during this teleclass. Doing The Work with Bríd four out of the six weeks was a great gift for me. Being facilitated by an experienced CF and facilitating her was a wonderful experience, because Brid and Joy did the homework with us during the teleclass. The openness of them both made it easy for me to open up as well. Love, Marita, Austria (The Compulsive Mind (TCM2) 2014)

The Compulsive Mind teleclass helped me identify the root causes of my addiction to food… my thoughts. Brid and Joy’s teaching style is gentle and their guidance firm. They do The Work right along with the rest of the class and I love that. I've been able to apply many of the techniques to my daily life which has resulted in being much kinder to myself. When I least expect it, an exercise we practiced during class or in homework pops up into my awareness and brings me relief from my compulsions. It has been beneficial and I am glad I took this class. Blessings, Cindy, USA (TCM 2013)

The curriculum had a very good variety of exercises. Brilliant tools were given to use The Work in handling “stressful situations” in my life. The trainers were very easy, non-judgmental, non-pushy, confident, calm, supportive. I am not so afraid of my addictions. I feel ok with my addictions and less hopeless. I attack myself less. Also, I deepened into The Work. I got more confidence as a facilitator, more freedom to participate and share on the course. I realise after this course, that what I am hungry for is not a substance or experience, but a sense of connection, peace and love, that I can never get from a substance. At the root of it all I am addicted to improving on what is, my mind says: if I had something else/more I’d be happier. Thanks for a very insightful course. Elena, Ireland (TCM 2013)

The curriculum was varied and instructive and the trainers were wonderful - engaged, clear communicators, well-grounded and vulnerable. I realized through this course that all human beings are 'addicts' to some extent. I’m now aware what the stressful thoughts are behind my addictive habits and what I hope to get from indulging my addiction. Thank you. Monique, The Netherlands (TCM 2013)