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The Compulsive Mind - Six week Teleclass

Facilitated by Brid Ni Chionaola and Joy Karim
Six Tuesdays, April 1 – May 6, 2014
6 - 7.30pm GMT/Irish Time
(10-11:30 a.m. Pacific Time)
€145 (repeaters get 25% off)

Food, work, busyness, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, T.V., shopping…

Many of us believe our emotions cause us to suffer so we reach outside ourselves to some of the activities and substances mentioned above to try to control, eradicate or medicate them. Our emotions, however, are merely an alarm bell to show us we’re believing thoughts that aren’t true for us.

Here’s the order of creation: first comes the belief/thought, then the emotions, then action and then the result. If we want to uncover the truth behind our actions, we have to go back to the thought and investigate that.

In this teleclass, we will look at those circular thoughts, which when believed, lead to addictions and compulsions. By inquiring into these thoughts with The Four Questions and Turnarounds of The Work, we get to the root cause of the addictive cycle and to see our compulsions and addictions as merely alarm bells for our untrue thoughts. This class does not set out to cure compulsions or addictions, rather to meet them with understanding. There will be a month long aftercare program and a follow up call with the presenters a month after the course ends.

This class is open to those who are new to, or experienced in, The Work. For those new to The Work, please read Loving What Is by Byron Katie before our first class.

There will be a month long aftercare program and a follow up call with the presenters a month after the course ends.

This teleclass will cover the following topics:
Week One: Befriending my Addiction/Compulsion.
Week Two: Escaping the Pain Within
Week Three: Inquiring Into Self-Attack Thoughts (I am not good enough…)
Week Four: The Story of “I”.
Week Five: I am as Sick as my Secrets
Week Six: Emergency Kit/Making Amends

There will be also be one hour of partner work/homework each week between sessions.

“Bodies don’t crave, bodies don’t want, bodies don’t know, don’t care, don’t get hungry or thirsty. It’s what that mind attaches to – ice cream, alcohol, drugs, sex, money – that the body reflects. There are no physical addictions, only mental ones. Body follows mind. It doesn’t have a choice.” ~ Byron Katie, Question Your Thinking, Change The World.

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