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It Should've Been Me, Teleclass

Ending the competition in your world
Six Week Teleclass - accessible by phone or Skype
Wednesdays, 10 September – 15 October, 2014
7 - 8.30pm

Are you or were you jealous of someone – a love rival, a work colleague, family member or friend? Do you think you lack love, beauty, success, or intelligence in comparison to others? What do you fear you would lose if you stopped seeing life as a competition?

Join us in this six week teleclass and befriend the green eyed monster, as we learn to give thoughts about jealousy a home, finally, in our hearts.

We will be using the four questions and turnarounds of The Work of Byron Katie as signposts to find the truth when we compete and compare. We will be testing Byron Katie’s assertion that “without comparison, you have a happy life in every moment” and inquiring into the thoughts that get between us and a love affair with ourselves.

This class is open to those who are new to, or experienced in, The Work. For those new to The Work, please read Loving What Is by Byron Katie before our first class.

This teleclass will cover the following topics:
Week 1 – What have they got that I haven’t got? (Jealousy and lack)
Week 2 – It should’ve been me. (Early experience of jealousy, comparison and/or competition)
Week 3 - People shouldn’t feel jealous – is it true? (Stories and underlying beliefs around jealousy)
Week 4 – What’s the worst that can happen? (Fears around attracting jealousy
Week 5 – Competition - If I lose what will happen then? (Fears around losing/others winning)
Week 6 – Caught in the net – over-competitiveness (Advice for the competitive).

At least an hour of homework (partner work and individual work) will be assigned each week between sessions.

"I have this amazing love affair with myself going on, because I realize what that Self is. There just cannot be another!" ~ Byron Katie

Contact: Ursula Carlin, 00353 872934614,
Or: Bríd Ní Chionaola, 00353 873569436,

Payment due upon registration.

Places limited to 14 participants