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Work Events in Ireland

Getting Unstuck, Residential Weekend Workshop, Larne, Northern Ireland, September 2018

Dates: Saturday 1st (10am) - Sunday 2nd September (4pm) 2018
Venue: Drumalis Residential Centre, Larne, Co.Antrim
Cost: £300 (includes overnight accommodation and all meals, tea and coffee). Food is vegetarian.
To book a place: Contact Bridgeen Rea -

"Mind is infinitely creative. And when it's not stuck, that's where the joy comes from." Byron Katie.

This workshop is about learning to identify and question the limiting beliefs that keep us stuck, lower our confidence,create conflict with others and leave us feeling at odds with ourselves and the world. Using this simple yet radical process we can set ourselves free and find peace in all aspects of life. This workshop is suitable for anyone new to, familiar with or experienced in the Work.

" Above all else The Work, as meditation, allows us to realize the kindness of the intelligence that directs everything, and that all the answers we ever need are always available inside us if we are still, quiet and open to them. Through The Work we wake up to our own kind nature." Byron Katie

Tony Carlin
Tony has been a Certified Facilitator of the Work since 2011 and has introduced the Work to a wide variety of groups including the general public, counsellors, teachers, teacher trainers, managers, prisoners, students, youth workers, medical practices and public bodies. He also has many 25+ years of experience facilitating conflict resolution, cross community work, teamwork, communication skills, stress management, community leadership and experiential learning.