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Finding Peace with the Future, Five Week Teleclass, February - March 2020

Join us as we question our fears of the future, regarding climate change and our possible extinction, using The Work of Byron Katie ( in this five week online workshop.

“When someone says that the world is a terrible place, he becomes the champion of suffering, projecting that there’s something wrong here, something less than beautiful. It’s the mirror image without a clue that it’s just a mirror image. You are the is, the reflection, the storyless movement. As soon as you realize that, the source is merged with; the reflection moves, without argument, as the source. And that is simple awareness, the joy of what people call the world and what I refer to as the image of God itself dancing.” ~ Byron Katie

All are welcome whether new to or experienced in The Work of Byron Katie.

Five Thursdays from February 13, 2020
20:00 to 21:30 Central European time
7 to 8.30pm GMT
11am – 12.30pm Pacific Time

Facilitated by:
Anke Blaue (
and Brid Ni Chionaola (
(Certified Facilitators of The Work of Byron Katie)

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