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Facing our shadow: Introduction to The Work of Byron Katie, One Day Workshop & Drop-in Evening Sessions, Dublin, May - June 2017

Our shadow is what we refuse to see about ourselves, and what we do not want others to see. There are many ways to do shadow work. Perhaps the simplest is to observe ourselves in our negative thoughts and judgements about others. Byron Katie's 'The Work' offers a simple meditative and transformative process for helping us identify and question thoughts and beliefs. Nadine Ferris France, Certified Facilitator of The Work and co-Founder of The Work Ireland, will present a day on 'The Work' followed by a series of evening sessions.

Where: Emmaus Centre, Swords, Co Dublin
Date (one day workshop): 6 May 2017 Time: 10:00 - 4:00
Non-Residential - €60
Lunch included in cost
Dates (drop-in evening sessions/€20 each): 17 & 31 May; 7 & 14 June 2017; 7 - 9.30pm.
Facilitated by: Nadine Ferris France, Certified Facilitator of the Work
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